Introducing Gone Remote

Hi there and welcome!

Today I’m thrilled to announce I’m starting a new project Gone Remote. Let’s talk about what to expect from this site and why you should become a part of the community by subscribing to my email list.

First of all this is a place created by digital nomads for digital nomads. I’ve been working remotely and travel full time for a while. Living in different cities in Europe like Utrecht, Netherlands; Wroclaw, Poland; Barcelona, Spain; and now in the south-east Asia like Bangkok or Chiang Mai, Thailand.

As a nomadic mobile developer, I want to show how the life with a macbook on the road looks like. Actually, almost everyone can start a business and run it from whatever place he or she wants, but I’m going to focus here on my expertise, show what I do, and how I do it. I’m going to write mostly about 3 major topics:

  • ANDROID DEVELOPMENT – Expect tutorials, Showcases of new features and libraries, sample projects and architecture comparisons
  • DESIGN – Templates, patterns and redesign challenges.
    I want to start a whole series about how easy it is to make a responsive design without any extra code. You will get to know how to make a beautiful tablet/desktop layout with a minimum payload.
  • DIGITAL NOMADS – Unfiltered pros and cons of a remote work. Being location independent is really liberating. If you’re a minimalist like me, love to travel on your own terms, I hope I can inspire you to become a Digital Nomad too.

New post will be published weekly, probably on Sunday evening, so you may expect a fresh content waiting for you when you’re about to sit and start working Monday morning with your favorite cup of coffee.

Additionally, once for a while I will announce a brand new software crafted by me (or some partners). I have a lot of ideas and if you want to be a part of development process, have early access to beta version and have an impact on a final shape of this new tools, please subscribe to be notified.

Thanks for being here with me, and see you out there.