About me

My name is Lucas Urbas and I wanted to this for a long time…

I’m professional Android Developer with almost 6 years experience. I’ve been working in startups as well as big companies. Building products from scratch and maintaining legacy code. Learning from the bests and spreading my own knowledge and expertise.

This is the Gone Remote project. I’ve started living on the road some time ago. Here I want to give some more context how this kind of lifestyle looks like, but mostly I’m still writing about Android Technical stuff.

The three main categories are Android Development, Material Design and Nomadic Lifestyle, but you can also find some thoughts about Minimalism or Mindfulness.

Expect announcements of mobile applications I’m currently working on.

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If you have any question, or idea just drop me a line. In general, I’m a “yes man” – open to anything.

If you’re still here, maybe you’re interested in what I’m doing now.